Peking is the Frye Family's pet cat


Peking is just like any other cat. He like to chase after mice, play with sparkly things, and likes playing with Aggie and Nate. However, unlike other cats, he has thought bubbles whenever he's happy, concerned, embarrassed, ect. (Although he has had a speaking role in the comic, "Well, That Was Weird", but only in Aggie's dream).


Peking has orange fur, with dark orange stripes on his back, tail, legs, and face. He also has white paws and the tip of his tail is white. He has green eyes and 8 whiskers.

Favorite Items

  • Aggie's bracelet
  • Toy mouse
  • Wrapping paper


  • Peking's name could be a word play on the word "pecking", since he likes to peck at stuff.