Light Bright is a comic in the According to Aggie series.
According to aggie 13


It's the holidays', and the Frye family is decorating the entire house with lights. Everything seems to be going smoothly at first, but the house short-circuits and the power goes out. Fortunately, the family devises a solution to use the fireplace for light.



  • Apple- The phone Mr. Frye is holding resembles an iPhone or iPod.
    • Aggie's tablet also resembles an iPad.
    • This could also be a reference to kids' addiction to iPhones and tablets.
  • Nintendo- Nate's Supergame loosely resembles a 3DS or Game Boy Advance.


  • We learn more about a specific location in this strip, in this case, Aggie's House.
  • In the 3rd panal, we see some differences between Aggie's house and an avarage one.
    • Aggie's house has two stories, while the other's only have one.
    • As mentioned before, it was painted pink, while the others a normal color.
    • Aggie's house has more features and design to it while the others bore a generic design.


According to aggie 13


Light Bright According to Aggie - Episode 2 American Girl

Light Bright According to Aggie - Episode 2 American Girl