According to aggie 14
Clothes Call is a comic of the According to Aggie series.


It's the first day of school, and all the students are waiting at the bus stop. Aggie then approaches worried. Liv asks her what's wrong, and Aggie claims that she shouldn't have worn her "I Braved the Cave" shirt, and worries what people think of her appearance.


  • Aggie Frye
  • Liv
  • Alexia (mentioned)
  • Margarite
  • Teegan Frailey (mentioned)


  • We learn some of the minor characters thoughts in this strip.
  • Aggie has been to Charlton Caverns.
  • We learn that Teegan Frailey was nicknamed "Dug" for a whole year.
    • It's unclear if he is still ridiculed by that name.


  • I Hate My Hair- One of the boys thinking that is a reference to the movie.


According to aggie 14


Clothes Call According to Aggie American Girl

Clothes Call According to Aggie American Girl